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Marc Wesselink

Managing Partner, StartupBootcamp
Managing Partner at Startupbootcamp: Serial Entrepreneur who started 12 companies in FMCG, Home Electronics, Healthcare, E-Commerce, HR, and Finance, both B2B and B2C. Failed 4 times. Because of this experience, he has an in-depth knowledge in many fields, which can help entrepreneurs maintain a 360-degree view of their business. He is a motivator, business coach, and critical optimist. With his skills and experience, he is currently in charge of selecting startups for the Accelerator programs in Amsterdam, and helping over 100 alumni from Startupbootcamp Amsterdam as a part of the SBC NXT program, which focuses on the execution of their business after the program. In that capacity, he meets with over 1.000 startups a year, trying to help them if possible.