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Women Startup Challenge
Emerging Tech Grants Program

April 2021
Five startups were selected to participate in the Emerging Tech Grant Program.

A $15,000 Innovation Grant was awarded to Jasmin Hume founder of Shiru, and a $5,000 Impact Grant was awarded to Amy Divaraniya, founder of Oova.

The Emerging Tech grants program showcased and funded women-led startups who are creating cutting-edge technology that are solving some of the biggest problems facing people, our planet, and businesses.  

The $15,000 Innovation Grant was awarded to Shiru, who is addressing a critical need in the food industry by providing access to more sustainable, healthy, and accessible ingredient systems fueled by a data-driven discovery approach. Shiru’s ability to discover industry-first protein solutions is based on our computational platform that screens for and predicts proteins from natural sources that possess functionalities relevant to food based on protein molecular structure.

The $5,000 Impact Grant was awarded to Oova, a fertility translator. Oova measures two hormones quantitatively to create a personalized fertility profile. Once you scan your Oova strip, your data is displayed in our smartphone app, along with personalized daily action plans to help you reach your goals.

Women Startup Challenge Emerging Tech Grants Program Finalists

Christine Izuakor headshot
Cyber Pop-up
Dr. Christine Izuakor
Katie Hotze and Louise Pritchard headshot
Grocery Shopii
Katie Hotze + Louise Pritchard
Dr. Amy Divaraniya headshot
Amy Divaraniya
Myrna Bittner, founder of RWI Synthetics
RUNWITHIT Synthetics
Myrna Bittner
Jasmin Hume headshot
Dr. Jasmin Hume


Innovation Grant
One on One
Pitch Coaching
Impact Grant

Meet the Jury

Cat Hernandez Headshot
Cat Hernandez
Cofounder and Investment Partner, The Venture Collective
Jim Lockheed headshot
Jim Lockheed
Investment Principal, JetBlue Technology Ventures
Marie Rocha headshot
Marie Rocha
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Realist Ventures