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Ivana Ojukwu

COO and Cofounder of SeeFashion
Ivana is COO and co-founder of SeeFashion - an omnichannel personalisation and intelligence platform that helps retailers understand what their customers want as soon as they arrive on your online store. SeeFashion leverages cross-site customer behavioural data from their retail network and cutting-edge computer vision to turn first-time visitors into loyal customers. A 2017 Women Who Tech finalist, FUTR's Retail Tech Top 50 start up and 2018 Forbes 30 under 30 nominee, Ivana heads up operations and overall strategy execution in order to deliver the best data-forward yet compliant solutions to retail clients. Prior to SeeFashion, Ivana worked with some of London's leading data start-ups including Musicmetric, which was sold to Apple in 2015. Some of her projects included organising a roundtable with former MP Eric Pickles, the British Council of Shopping Centres and 5 leading retailers such as John Lewis on the role of retail in town regeneration, and the development of a Social Media Tracker for BBC's 2014 Glastonbury coverage.