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Barbara Clarke

Barbara Clarke headshot
Founder and President, The Impact Seat

Barbara Clarke, FOUNDER AND PRESIDENT, The Impact Seat

Investor, economist and entrepreneur, Barbara Clarke enjoys
interacting with professionals who believe in creating diverse teams
to drive innovation and business success. Called ‘The Force’, Clarke
fuels change in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, stimulates growth in
early stage tech startups and boosts organizational excellence with
her investment expertise and global insights.

Founder and president of The Impact Seat, Clarke has been investing in
emerging technologies, including medical devices, for almost a decade.
To date, Clarke has invested in more than 60 companies and 12 funds in
North America and Europe. She has been creating opportunities for
under-represented entrepreneurs by investing in companies that are
either led by women of color or have women on their funding teams –
even before it became fashionable to do so. As a key member of the
investment community, she also advises entrepreneurs and innovators on
launching companies, accessing capital, and leveraging the
international network of investors.

Barbara serves on several boards, including Portfolia, an investment
fund focused on women as venture capitalists, Founders First Capital
Partners, an accelerator and finance firm that invests in a diverse
group of founders and Boost, an artificial intelligence (AI) platform
using computer vision technology.

When she is not scoping out promising startups to invest in, Clarke
enjoys exploring new cities, supporting local artists and listening to
alternative/indie rock.