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Hiba Mrani Alaoui

Hiba Mrani Alaoui headshot
Managing Partner, WITAMAX

Hiba has 7 years of experience, including two years in investment banking at Natixis ‘NYC Branch’ where she handles LBO transactions with American Private Equity funds; and 5 years in a strategy consulting firm; first in Paris with Cabinet Stanwell where she mainly contributes to transformation and innovation within CAC 40 companies; but also in Casablanca where she heads the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital BU of the Southbridge firm.

Over the past three years, Hiba has been heavily involved in topics related to startup ecosystems with the public sector;and she also co-founded an investment companyto accelerate 7 supported and handpicked startups.Hiba graduated from HEC Paris class of 2015 and majored in Entrepreneurship in partnership with Telecom Paristech, Ecole 42 and Station F.