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Lauren Mifflin

Lauren Mifflin
Venture Partner, 82VS
Dr. Lauren Mifflin is a Venture Partner at 82VS, the Venture Studio affiliated with Alloy Therapeutics, where she builds new biotech companies leveraging Alloy's drug discovery platforms and expertise. Prior to that, she worked with 5AM Ventures as a Fellow and 4:59 Operating Associate where she helped to build Nido Biosciences (small molecule neurodegeneration NewCo) and Entrada Therapeutics (cell penetrating peptide NewCo). 
Lauren completed her PhD at Harvard Medical School working with Dr. Junying Yuan on the applications of RIPK1 kinase inhibitors for neurodegenerative diseases, which are currently in clinical trials by Denali Therapeutics and Sanofi. Her work is published in journals including Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, Nature, and Cell. Lauren also holds an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and dual BS/BA degrees in economics and neurobiology from the University of Pennsylvania Vagelos Program in Life Sciences and Management. Prior to graduate school, Lauren worked at Jump Capital investing in healthcare technology and Monitor Group/Monitor Deloitte as a management consultant.