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Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams headshot
Investor, Compound

Currently, Nicole is 22 and an investor at Compound - an pre-seed and seed stage thesis focused frontier tech venture capital firm. She likes all areas of frontier tech but is focused on ML/AI - federated learning especially, game engines, women’s health and biotech at the moment.  

Prior to working at Compound, Nicole comes from a startup running experimental educational initiatives to create greater hands on experience for under-represented groups to cutting edge STEM domains with organizations like NASA, DARPA, ARPA-E, NIH, and the Qatar Foundation (and researching cognitive architectures). Previously, she studied data science, and was accepted into INOVA’s personalized health accelerator to work on a machine learning tool that would diagnose renal cell carcinoma based on miRNA concentration and at Capterra, a Gartner company, studying the space of software & how to market it. She doesn’t have an undergraduate degree for financial reasons and is passionate about helping young people with atypical career paths. You can find her on twitter @nwilliams030