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Vanessa von Frankenberg

Senior Venture Developer, Digital Health Factory

Vanessa is a digital health founder, certified health coach, speaker and above all a health enthusiast. She studied General Management (B.Sc.) and Entrepreneurship & Innovation (M.Sc.) and worked in Management Consulting for more than 5 years. With a focus on the transformation and restructuring of international health care companies, Vanessa learned about the challenges of different healthcare markets. Since 2018, motivated by her desire to deeply transform the way we are looking at healthcare and wellness, Vanessa has started advising and founding companies in the healthcare sector.

Vanessa works as a Senior Venture Developer for Digital Health Factory, a company builder and investment firm focusing primarily on digital therapeutics. She is also the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Go Beyond Why, a consulting firm that helps companies leverage innovation in healthcare and beauty. Vanessa's passion lies in female and mental health tech.