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Women Startup Challenge
2018 Emerging Tech
Grand Prize: Timeless
March 6, 2018 at Google in New York City
The $50,000 grand prize went to Timeless, an app developed by 14-year-old Emma Yang to help people with Alzheimer’s remember their loved ones, stay connected and engaged.

Women Startup Challenge 2018 Emerging Tech Finalists


Astral AR

Leah La Salla
Astral AR is a drone piloting system that uses IoT and helps law enforcement stop bullets, and detect guns and bombs through walls.


Ashley Crowder
VNTANA is an Augmented Reality computing platform that allows consumers to interact with holograms of their favorite athlete, celebrity, or product while capturing real-time data to help companies generate leads, convert sales, and quantify engagement.

Curie Co

Erika Milczek
Curie Co is a life science company that utilizes enzymes and biocompatible materials to replace chemicals banned by the FDA in consumer health products.

Folia Water

Teri Dankovich
Folia Water is a water filtration system made up of a single sheet of nano-silver filter paper, which can provide 50 liters of safe water at a retail price of 50 cents per sheet.
Sona Shah


Sona Shah

Neopenda is an affordable, wireless vital signs monitor that reduces response time to newborns in distress, and helps healthcare workers save lives in overcrowded and understaffed health facilities.



Tinia Pina
Re-Nuble is a patent-pending process to optimize plant nutrition by transforming food waste into chemical free, organic nutrients for both soil based and hydroponic cultivation where food waste is unable to be redirected for human or animal consumption in a recycled, safe, sustainable manner.


Samantha Snabes
re:3D, the creators of Gigabot, an industrial human-scale 3D printer that prints from plastic recyclables creating access to local and sustainable manufacturing material, which decimates costs and scales barriers in additive manufacturing.

Solstice Energy Solutions

Ugwem Eneyo

Solstice Energy Solutions created SHYFT, a platform for millions of households and businesses in emerging markets that struggle with intermittent or costly power, where users can remotely monitor, control, and manage all power sources, including solar, generator, converter, and utility.



Emma Yang
Timeless is an app developed by a 13-year-old to help Alzheimer’s patients remember events, stay connected and engaged, and recognize people through artificial intelligence-based facial recognition technology.
Nancy Curtis


Nancy Curtis

WaterSeer is a mobile water solution and device that pulls clean, fresh water from air right where people live, providing water security and independence to everyone. The device can produce 100,000s of gallons a year while collecting climate data.