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Women Startup Challenge
2018 Europe
Grand Prize: Sampson Solutions
October 25, 2018 at Hôtel de Ville in Paris, France
Sampson Solutions, a startup creating bio-based construction materials from sustainable sources, won the $35,000 grand prize.

Women Startup Challenge 2018 Europe Finalists



Vivien Dollinger
ObjectBox (Techstars '17) is the first high-performance NoSQL, ACID-compliant on-device database for mobile and IoT. It is 10X faster than the industry leader, only one-tenth of the code to implement, and comes with an out-of-the-box data synchronization.


Amel Bendali
Inorevia develops and commercializes a new generation of patented technologies that miniaturize lab instrument volumes for analysis. This technology drastically reduces costs, time, and manipulation necessary to perform next-generation bioassays and precision medicine.


Pae Natwilai
TRIK is a Google map for structural inspection that turns photos from drones into digital 3D models. Users can make comments, take measurements, and compare changes directly from the time-lapse 3D models.


Judith Gampe
NOVA is the first bluetooth headset that can be integrated into earrings with a built-in speaker and microphone.

Vitrue Health

Alex Haslehurst
Vitrue Health is developing computer vision based tools that sit in the background of clinical assessments, autonomously measuring motor function metrics, freeing clinicians to focus on more complex patient interactions, and allowing them to detect and treat degradations in functional health. This improves quality of life and saves millions in healthcare costs.

Deko Eko

Agata Frankiewicz
Deko Eko is an upcycling platform that works with the best designers globally to create well-designed consumer products out of carefully selected waste materials from the largest companies and brands.


Francesca Boccolini
SonicJobs is the first virtual recruiter for blue-collar recruitment that uses chatbots combined with occupational psychology and AI, which screen and select the right job candidates in real time.

Ewelina Robaczek is a predictive coupon, discount and loyalty automation platform that optimizes promotional strategy for customer engagement while preventing coupon fraud.

Enterprise Bot

Ravina Mutha
Enterprise Bot creates AI powered chatbots to automate customer interactions and provide enterprises with a readily accessible digital agent to improve customer experience and create operationally efficiency.

Sampson Solutions

Colleen Becker

Sampson Solutions capitalizes on business opportunities precipitated by the Paris climate agreement. Working with University of Bath chemical engineers, they are creating bio-based construction materials from sustainable sources using a closed-loop, carbon neutral manufacturing process.