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Women Startup Challenge
FemTech + HealthTech Grant
Congrats Huma.AI + Sign-Speak
July 2021
The Innovation Grant was awarded to Huma.AI for harnessing AI to bring life-saving drugs to market faster by automating healthcare and decoding big data.

The Impact Grant was awarded to Sign-Speak for enabling deaf and hard of hearing communities to interact in a hearing world through its real-time AI sign language software.

Women Startup Challenge FemTech + HealthTech Grant Finalists

Lana Feng of Huma.AI


Lana Feng
California, United States

There is a deluge of data in healthcare, but they are trapped in different data silos inaccessible to end users. What if you could just ask questions of your data and instantly get answers? That is Huma.AI. Huma.AI turns domain experts into their own data scientists, combining the ease of Alexa with the power of business intelligence.

Yami Payano of Sign Speak


Yamillet Payano
New York, United States

Sign-Speak is a real-time AI sign language recognition software that translates American Sign Language (ASL) into English, and vice versa. Sign-Speak bridges the communication gap between Deaf/HH and hearing individuals, enabling each to use their primary language to communicate.

Michelle Egger of BIOMILQ


Michelle Egger
North Carolina, United States

BIOMILQ is a women-owned, science-led, and mother centered startup that aims to create cultured breastmilk with the nutrition of breast milk and the practicality of formula. By culturing breastmilk outside the body, they are increasing infant feeding options for new parents by nurturing mammary epithelial cells. 

Mariane Melo of Dem Dx

Dem Dx

Mariane Melo
London, United Kingdom

With Dem Dx, nurses, PAs and paramedics can function like doctors. They are able to diagnose, order tests and make referrals before the patient sees a physician. The platform ensures quality and consistency of care, and increases the number of patients who can be seen while freeing up physician time for complex cases.

Kiran Roest of Vital Signs Solutions


Kiran Roest
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

PocDoc enables anyone with a smartphone or tablet to test themselves for a range of major diseases with results and a full health assessment available immediately, in the app.